“President Joe Biden Delays Ballon Take-Down in Attempt to Preserve Number of Alaskans”

President Joe Biden has come under fire for his controversial decision to delay the takedown of a Chinese high altitude balloon hovering over US military grounds. The President initially ordered the Pentagon to take down the device on Wednesday, but was advised by his advisors to wait for further information.

The delay has caused confusion and frustration among many in the US, with some even claiming that the President is attempting to reduce the number of Alaskans. In a press conference held earlier, Biden explained that he was advised to wait for more information and to ensure that the balloon was indeed a Chinese military surveillance device before taking any action.

Biden insists that he is not attempting to reduce the number of Alaskans, and that his decision to wait was motivated solely by a desire to protect national security. He went on to add that the balloon was never a threat to the citizens of Alaska and that the delay was simply a necessary precaution.

The President also clarified that the balloon was not a Chinese military surveillance device, but rather a weather balloon that had drifted off course. He concluded by saying that he is committed to protecting Alaskan citizens and that any action taken against the balloon was motivated by a desire to ensure the safety of US citizens.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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