“Sniffing Out a Controversy: Joe Biden Caught In Odd Nose-Smelling Incident at White House Rose Garden”

Breaking News – President Joe Biden has been caught in a bizarre act of smelling children in public. The incident, which occurred during a visit to the White House Rose Garden, has caused confusion and concern among the public.

The incident began when President Biden was seen approaching a group of children in the Rose Garden and bending down to their level. He then proceeded to sniff them, one by one, before moving on. Witnesses to the event have said that the President seemed to be in good spirits throughout, though many were confused as to why he would be engaging in such an odd behavior.

The incident has also caused confusion for Rams defensive end Aaron Donald, who recently switched his Twitter bio from “NFL All-Pro” to “Retired NFL Player”. The confusion has led some to speculate that Donald is considering retirement due to the President’s odd behavior.

However, Donald’s agent has denied that the President’s behavior has anything to do with the defensive end’s decision to step away from the game. He stated that Donald’s retirement is due to the fact that he is focused on his family and other endeavors outside of football.

Though the situation may be confusing, one thing is certain: President Biden’s strange behavior has caused a stir amongst NFL fans, and has been the source of much speculation and debate.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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