“The Drive to Thrive: Biden Misfires on SAG Awards Move to Streaming Network”

The news that the Screen Actors Guild Awards will be moving to a streaming network was met with some confusion and even outrage. One person in particular, Joe Biden, was particularly offended when the announcement was made.

It seems the President was so appalled due to his mispronunciation of the term “Drive to Survive”, which is the popular phrase used to describe the award show’s move to streaming. Instead, President Biden uttered the phrase “Drive to Thrive” which, of course, was met with confusion by many.

Words of apology quickly followed from the White House and President Biden himself, who stated that he would never intentionally mispronounce a word, especially one related to the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

It seems the move to a streaming network is indicative of the changing times and the fact that the SAG Awards will be entering a new era. With the awards show airing on Netflix, it will be more accessible to a wider audience, and will no doubt bring a whole new level of excitement to the event.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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