Texans’ “Epstein Did Not Kill Himself” Moment Costs Them First-Round Pick

The Texans pulled off one of the greatest upsets of the year, toppling undefeated league-leading Jeffery Epstein and the New York Jets, who had been predicted to win by a landslide. The Texans stunned their fans and the NFL by winning their first game of the season, but their joy soon turned to sorrow when it was revealed that their first-round draft pick had been forfeited.

It appears that the Texans had unknowingly violated an obscure NFL rule when they allowed Jeffery Epstein to take the field. Epstein, who had been found dead in his jail cell just days earlier, was ineligible to play as an active NFL player.

The NFL immediately began an investigation into the incident, and after reviewing the evidence, determined that the Texans were indeed at fault.

The Texans organization was quick to apologize for the mistake and attempted to shift the blame onto their head coach, Bill O’Brien, who had been fired earlier that day.

O’Brien was known for his strict adherence to the rules, and the Texans felt that his dismissal was necessary in order to send a message that the organization will not tolerate rule-breaking.

It is unclear how the Texans will move forward without their first-round draft pick, but one thing is certain: Jeffery Epstein did not kill himself, the Texans killed their own season.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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