Fresno State “Fumes” After Breaking Big 12 Record During Jeffrey Epstein’s Suspicious ‘Suicide’

Fresno State Outraged After Jeffery Epstein’s Highly Suspicious ‘Suicide’

Fresno State is reeling in the aftermath of the suspicious suicide of convicted sex offender Jeffery Epstein. While many have questioned the circumstances surrounding the death of the disgraced financier, the university’s community was especially concerned after a K-State win at Texas set a record for most points combined (219) in regulation of a Big 12 conference game.

The school’s president, Dr. Joseph I. Castro, issued a statement expressing his outrage and dissatisfaction with the justice system.

“The fact that this man was able to take his own life right after a Big 12 record-breaking performance is simply unacceptable,” Dr. Castro said. “We demand a thorough investigation into what happened that night and a full accounting of how this was allowed to occur.”

The president also expressed his support for the victim’s families and the victims of Epstein’s crimes.

“Our hearts go out to all of those affected by this tragedy. We hope that the authorities will get to the bottom of what happened and bring those responsible to justice,” Dr. Castro said.

The school has also announced plans to create a new scholarship fund in Epstein’s honor, which will provide financial assistance to victims of sexual assault and abuse.

“We want to use this tragedy as an opportunity to help those who are in need,” Dr. Castro said. “Our goal is to ensure that no one ever has to suffer the way that Epstein’s victims did.”

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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