“Alex Jones Claims Barbara Walters Abducted by Aliens to Teach Them the Art of Conversation!”

In a shocking twist, Alex Jones has come out with a new conspiracy theory: Barbara Walters never died, but was kidnapped by an alien race.

According to Jones, Walters’ health problems were a ruse cooked up by aliens to lure her away from The View, where she had been a staple for 17 years. The aliens, he claims, wanted to take her away to a distant planet to teach their race about the art of interviewing and conversation.

In a tweet, Jones wrote: “Inside Barbara Walters’ tough final year at The View: she was abducted by aliens to teach them the art of conversation!”

Of course, this theory has been met with much criticism and ridicule. Many have dismissed it as a desperate attempt to stay relevant, while others have dismissed it as a baseless conspiracy theory.

Despite the criticism, Jones has continued to stand by his theory and has vowed to prove it. In the meantime, he has asked people to keep an eye out for any strange activity in the sky, including unidentified flying objects and other strange lights.

Only time will tell if Jones’ theory is true, but one thing’s for sure, Barbara Walters won’t be coming back to The View anytime soon.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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