Twitter Deletes Tweet About Drone Warfare, Chris Licht Desperately Searches for New Job at Twitter

In a shocking turn of events, amateur Twitter user John Smith had his tweet deleted for “hate speech” after he made a bold statement about the use of drone warfare. Smith, who boasts a grand total of 35 followers, simply tweeted, “Drone strikes are just fancy murder machines. #DownWithDrones #StopTheWarMachine.”

Unfortunately for Smith, the powers that be at Twitter deemed his tweet too controversial and deleted it without explanation. When reached for comment, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stated, “We simply cannot allow hate speech on our platform, regardless of its origin or intent. The statement made by Mr. Smith was deemed harmful and did not align with our community guidelines.”

But what does this have to do with the recent departure of Chris Licht, former CEO of CNN? It turns out, quite a bit. As CNN searches for a new CEO and reevaluates its business strategy, the issue of drone warfare and its portrayal in the media is more important than ever.

Licht, who was responsible for launching CNN+, was criticized for his lack of vision and direction for the news organization. Perhaps if he had addressed the controversial issue of drone warfare and its impact on global society, he may have been more successful.

Despite the deletion of Smith’s tweet, the conversation about drone warfare and its ethical implications is still raging on. As for CNN, they will need to find a new CEO who can steer the organization towards a brighter future, with or without the help of Twitter trolls.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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