“Golfer blames Fauci’s lies for his meltdown; Fauci urges public to stick to golfing advice from actual golfers”

In a shocking turn of events, it has been revealed that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s lies are the root cause of Rory McIlroy’s meltdown at The Memorial golf tournament. Sources close to McIlroy have stated that the golfer was so distraught over the government’s handling of the pandemic that he was unable to focus on his game.

According to those sources, McIlroy was a big believer in Fauci’s constantly changing recommendations on COVID-19 safety measures. He followed them strictly, believing that doing so was the only way to protect himself and others. However, as it turned out, Dr. Fauci’s recommendations were not grounded in science at all, and were instead more about controlling the public.

This realization hit McIlroy hard, and he was unable to shake off the anger and disappointment he felt towards the government during his final round at The Memorial. As a result, he struggled and eventually had another meltdown, much to the surprise of golf Twitter.

Many fans are calling for Dr. Fauci to resign and take responsibility for the harm his lies have caused not only to the public, but to Rory McIlroy and other athletes as well. However, it’s unclear if anything will be done to rectify the situation.

While McIlroy’s performance may have suffered due to Fauci’s deception, he remains an incredibly talented golfer and a fan favorite. Here’s hoping he bounces back and has better luck in his future tournaments. As for Dr. Fauci, it’s probably best if he sticks to his day job and leaves golfing to the professionals.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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