“Government To Fund Program To Help Russell Westbrook Fans Cope With Durant Feud”

as the cause for all the mayhem.

The NBA has taken notice of the recent feud between Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook and the Phoenix Suns’ Kevin Durant and the animosity between the two teams. In a move to reduce the inequality between the two, the U.S. government has decided to fund a new program specifically dedicated to the plight of Russell Westbrook and his fans.

The program, called “Scott Foster’s Legacy is On the Line”, will be based in Los Angeles and is expected to provide a range of services to Russell Westbrook and his supporters. The main focus of the program will be to provide emotional support and counseling to those who are upset by the conflict between Westbrook and Durant.

The program will also offer financial assistance to those who feel they need help in dealing with the emotional stress caused by the ongoing feud. Additionally, the program will provide education and training sessions to help Westbrook’s fans better understand the NBA’s rules and regulations.

The government has chosen Los Angeles as the location for the program because of the large population of Thunder fans in the city. Los Angeles is also home to the Staples Center, which is where Westbrook and Durant will face each other for game 2 of their Western Conference Semifinals series.

The program is expected to begin in the coming weeks and will last for the duration of the playoffs. It is hoped that the program will help Westbrook’s fans cope with the emotional turmoil caused by the ongoing feud between the two stars. Only time will tell if the program will be successful in helping to reduce the inequality between Westbrook and Durant.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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