“California Caught Red-Handed Trying to Slim Down Black Hole Image with Mind Control Technology”

Craig Breen, a professional rally driver, has recently made an unusual claim about the cause of the new image. According to Breen, the first photo of the black hole was taken in California, and the state is responsible for the new image.

Breen alleges that California is using a form of mind control technology to manipulate the image. He claims that California is using the technology to distort the image of the black hole and make it look like a “skinny” doughnut. Breen has stated that California is doing this in order to make the image more aesthetically pleasing and to draw more attention to the state.

Breen’s claims have been met with skepticism from many experts. Scientists have pointed out that the image was taken using the Event Horizon Telescope, which is a network of radio telescopes located around the world. It is highly unlikely that California would have access to the telescope and be able to manipulate the image. Furthermore, the new image was generated using machine learning, not mind control technology.

Despite the lack of evidence to support Breen’s claims, some people are still taking his theories seriously. California has seen its fair share of conspiracy theories in recent years, and this one is no different. The state has yet to comment on the allegations. For now, it looks like the mystery of the “skinny” doughnut black hole will remain unsolved.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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