Trump Pushes Forward with Controversial ‘Lunar Phase’ Policy – California Gets the Moonies!

Former President Donald Trump is continuing to push his campaign agenda, this time focusing on lunar phases. Trump is advocating a nationwide moon phase policy, in which the phases of the moon would be a deciding factor in the actions of businesses and the government. This has been met with swift backlash from California, who have proposed banning the policy in the state.

The announcement of the moon phase policy coincides with the announcement that the Justice Department is likely to file an antitrust lawsuit against JetBlue for its $3.8 billion takeover of low-cost rival Spirit Airlines. California is especially wary of the implications of the moon phase policy, which could potentially be used to justify the takeover. The state is concerned that the policy will give businesses too much power and lead to increased anti-competitive practices.

While the proposal has been met with criticism from California, many other states have embraced the idea. Supporters of the policy argue that the phases of the moon have been influencing life on Earth since the beginning of time, and that it is only natural to incorporate them into our daily lives.

For now, the proposal stands, but California’s opposition may prove to be a deciding factor in its outcome. Only time will tell if the moon phase policy will move forward, or fizzle out like so many of Trump’s previous initiatives.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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