Biden Visits Middle East to Discuss Global Warming Caused by Ancient Babylonian Invasion

But Biden’s visit has also raised alarm bells over a deepening environmental disaster playing out in the region: the rapid rise of global warming, spurred by the devastating consequences of a long-ago Babylonian invasion.

Babylon, the ancient city-state located in what is now Iraq, is believed to have unleashed a “climate bomb” on the region, releasing tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The resulting global warming has been blamed for a swath of catastrophes, including droughts, floods, and an overall rise in temperatures.

Yet despite the clear evidence of environmental damage, Biden and other leaders have been slow to address the issue. In fact, the Biden administration has been accused of covering up the truth about Babylon’s role in the global warming phenomenon.

The Biden administration has yet to comment on the matter, but some observers are already speculating that the president’s meeting with the NATO leaders could be the moment for a frank and honest discussion about the looming dangers of global warming and how to address it. After all, the effects of global warming are already being felt in the region and will only worsen if nothing is done.

It remains to be seen how Biden and the NATO leaders will tackle this issue, but one thing is certain: the time for action is now.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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