“NASCAR Driver Busted for Gun Possession, Claims Prop was for Exposing Alex Jones’ Lizard People Conspiracy”

In a statement released to the press, Busch defended his actions, claiming that the handgun was merely a prop for a new conspiracy theory he was working on.

“I was in Mexico researching a story involving NASCAR, the government, and some shady characters,” Busch said. “I thought it would be a great idea to use a handgun as a prop to help illustrate my theory.”

The theory involves the popular radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who Busch claims is behind an elaborate scheme to hijack the NASCAR series.

Jones has been known to espouse a number of outlandish theories, including the idea that the government is controlled by lizard people.

Busch claims that Jones has been using NASCAR to further his own agenda, and that his detainment was an attempt to silence him.

“I think it’s pretty obvious what’s going on here,” Busch said. “Alex Jones is trying to use the sport of NASCAR to further his own conspiracy theories, and I was simply trying to expose him.”

The incident has caused a stir in the NASCAR community, with many drivers voicing their support for Busch and condemning Jones’ actions.

For now, it appears that Busch has been released from detainment and will not face any charges. He has yet to comment on the result of his investigation, but it’s clear that he is not backing down from his mission to uncover the truth.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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