Funny Satire News Title: “Government Uses SNL Appearance to Test Biometric Identification Tracking System”

Conspiracy Theory: Biometric Identification is a Government Plot to Track Citizens

News Article:

The surprise video appearance by President Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live has some people questioning the government’s involvement in biometric identification. Biometric identification is a means of using physical or behavioral characteristics to uniquely identify a person. This technology is commonly used for security purposes, such as unlocking a phone, or in some cases, to gain access to a building.

Now, some are questioning if the government is using biometric identification to track citizens. The appearance of President Biden on SNL has added fuel to this fire, as many are wondering if the government is using this technology to keep tabs on citizens.

The government has yet to officially comment on this conspiracy theory, but the implications of such a technology are far-reaching. If true, the government would have a powerful tool to monitor citizens and their activities.

Only time will tell if this conspiracy theory has any truth to it. In the meantime, the appearance of President Biden on SNL has certainly sparked debate about the use of biometric identification in the United States.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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