“Monterey Park Mass Shooting: Police Investigating ‘Hunter Biden’ Tweet Removed from Twitter for Hate Speech”

The local police department has been investigating a recent mass shooting that has left multiple casualties, and the investigation has now taken an interesting turn.

It has been confirmed that the shooter had posted a tweet shortly before the shooting, which has since been deleted by Twitter for violating their policies on hate speech. The tweet, which read “Monterey Park, time to take out Hunter Biden” has been linked to the shooting, and police are now looking into the potential connections.

The tweet has sparked outrage in the community, as Hunter Biden has close ties to the area. Many residents have called for an investigation into the potential political implications of the shooting. The mayor of Monterey Park has also released a statement condemning the tweet and expressing her condolences for the victims of the shooting.

Twitter has yet to comment on why the tweet was removed from its platform. It is assumed that the tweet violated the company’s policy against hate speech, but the exact reasoning remains unclear.

At this time, the Monterey Park Police Department has not made any further comments on the investigation. An official press conference is expected to be held later this week to address the public’s concerns.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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