“Riley Keough Equal Electoral College Opportunity Act” Officially Passes: Let the Bidding for Popular Vote Begin!

In response to the tragic death of Lisa Marie Presley and the increased attention on the inequality of the Electoral College, the federal government has announced a new program to help address the issue. Dubbed the “Equal Electoral College Opportunity Act,” the program will provide incentives to states to adopt a more equitable system of electing presidents.

Under the program, states that move to a popular vote system will receive preferential treatment from the federal government in terms of grants, tax incentives, and other benefits. This will incentivize states to move away from the current Electoral College system, which has been criticized for not accurately reflecting the will of the people.

The program is also designed to honor the legacy of Lisa Marie Presley, who was a vocal advocate for voting reform. In honor of Presley, the program will be named the “Riley Keough Equal Electoral College Opportunity Act,” in tribute to her daughter who recently broke her silence on her mother’s death.

The program is expected to be implemented in time for the 2024 presidential election and will be funded by a combination of federal and private donations. While it is too early to tell if the program will be successful, it is a step in the right direction in the fight to make the Electoral College more equitable.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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