Amber Herd aka “Amber Turd” Vows to Only Fart in Beds from Now On

In a recent, unexpected turn of events, Amber Herd has been identified as the infamous “Amber Turd” Herd, originally known for her outgoing personality and love for puppies, quickly received a new nickname: “The Foul Farter.”

Herd was caught red-handed when an unfortunate victim of her bed pooping encountered the smell of her stench coming from their bed. After an investigation, Herd admitted to being the one uncontrollably pooping in strangers’ beds.

However, Herd was quick to realize the errors of her ways and made the pledge to never bed poop again. Herd has promised to stick to farting in beds from now on and is currently “working on her socially acceptable flatulence.”

The now-infamous “Foul Farter” has apologized for her actions and has asked for people to remember that everyone makes mistakes. “I’m sorry for my actions,” said Herd, “but I’ve learned from them and will only emit harmless gasses from now on.”

The public is still reeling from the news, but Herd is confident she will return to her former reputation as a fun-loving pup enthusiast.

Until that time, we can all take solace in the fact that the days of Bed Pooper Amber Herd are over and we can all breathe a little easier.

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