Xi Jinping Censors Man City vs Chelsea Story to Prevent Global Warming – Tears Now a Climate Crime in China

In an attempt to curb global warming, Xi Jinping of China has decided to censor the story of Man City vs Chelsea in his country. In a move that has been largely controversial, the Chinese President has explained that the story was too ’emotional’ and could lead to an increase in carbon emissions from the Chinese population.

It has been reported that the main reason for the censorship was the news of Nick Carter’s song about his rollercoaster relationship with his late brother Aaron, which included previously unseen childhood footage of the pair together in the tracks music video.

The news of the song has become so popular that it is believed to be a major contributing factor to global warming, as the emotions that it evokes could lead to an increase in the number of tears being shed in China, thus increasing the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere.

Xi Jinping has defended his decision, saying that he would not let one story have a negative effect on the planet, and that he was doing his part to help save the environment.

The Chinese President also stated that he believes that this kind of censorship is necessary in order to protect the environment, and that he will continue to take similar steps in order to limit the amount of emissions that are released into the atmosphere.

Whether or not the censorship will be effective in helping to reduce global warming remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the Chinese population will now have to find a different way to express their emotions in order to avoid any further damage to the planet.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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