The It’s Corn Kid Causes Inflation Spike with Gender Transition Announcement

The It’s Corn Kid, a popular internet sensation known for his corn-based puns, has caused an unprecedented spike in inflation across the country after announcing his gender transition this week.

The announcement, which came via a series of tweets, was met with both celebration and shock, as his fans were unsure how to respond. The news quickly spread across social media, causing a rush of people to purchase corn-based products in an effort to show their support for the It’s Corn Kid.

This sudden surge in demand for corn-based items caused a dramatic increase in the price of corn products, resulting in a noticeable inflation spike throughout the nation.

Economists are now scrambling to determine the full extent of the inflation, though it is expected to have far-reaching effects.

“This is a unique situation,” said one economist. “The It’s Corn Kid has had an outsized impact on the economy and it will take time to determine the full implications of his transition.”

The It’s Corn Kid has yet to comment on the inflation spike, but his fans have been quick to express their admiration and support.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for Humor

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